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Vienna-Portugal-Vienna: 4weeks, 8000km

So last summer we visited Portugal. It was hot and windy and fun. We met with our dear friends Doreen and Sven (check out their food and travel blogs), later with Dominique and David you maybe know from my blogpost about our shooting in Istria. We explored the west coast of Portugal. It was always a little (and sometimes a lot) windy, but their are much much less people in this region than at the “Algarve”, where we stayed two days on crowded beaches before we left. Porto, as well as Lisbon, are really beautiful cities (good food here and here). And we spent a couple of days in carrapateira thanks to the recommendation of Julia and Jona. It is awesome there.

Here are some pictures.

If you have more travel tips for Portugal please leave me a comment!


All pictures were taken using the x-pro2 with the xf23mm and xf35mm. Edited in lightroom using the VSCO portra400 preset and my homegrown bw-preset.

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